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New home re stretch appt missed by RiteRug and they offer to do nothing about wasting half a day missed work for me on my new home in Union, Ky.....this after I called their office the day before my appt and twice the day of my appt.......only to have RiteRug finally tell me no we won't be out to your home I am getting NO reply from Rite Rug in West Chester, Oh staff at all. ... Read more

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I totally agree with the previous post on Rite Rug being a fraud! Something told me they weren't an honest and customer satisfaction company after my initial encounter with the sales rep! Initially I decided to go with Rite Rug bc the builder of my home used Rite Rug for my floors. So 5 months into my new home, I decided to make some changes to my livingroom floor and contacted Rite Rug. They... Read more

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100% FULL

I would advise you to shop elsewhere. Rite Rug has great sales people but their customer service is terrible. We had trouble with our grout cracking. They sent a repair person out and he looked at it and was in awe of what it was doing he said he was going to call the manufacture to find out what he could do. When he got back to the office he told the installation manager their was nothing wrong... Read more

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The company needs to be more considerate with their customers. It is the customer who keeps them in business after all. I have more rooms that need carpeting, but will take my business elsewhere now. They already knew I had more rooms to do, but, yet, they did nothing to make sure that the first experience was good. I requested a morning install and was told I'd get a phone call 30-45 minutes... Read more

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We purchased Rite Rug wood floors just 3 years ago in 2012. It was the middle of the row purchase I am assuming, thank god I did not purchase the most expensive.! It been 3 yes and I have some warped spots on my floor in about 7 areas. Other people we spoke to says that has to do with the installation, not enough give. I emailed Rite Rug and their corporate office called me back. Said that... Read more

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My husband and I had carpet installed in the upstairs of our home, 4 bedrooms. Within 6 months that carpet in the master bedroom needed retrenched. 6 months later, all four bedrooms upstairs, including the master, had to be retrenched the carpet in on the stairs replaced due to a poor installation. Less than 6 months later the carpet in the master was again, wrinkled and was loose in the kids... Read more

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Rite rug is a complete fraud - be ware of what they charge you and make sure they actually install what you pay for. They completely make up their measurements and many times don't even put in what they bill you for + generally the bills are for higher than the agreed upon rate. For example they charged me for 50yds of quarter round and then I checked it out and no quarter round had been... Read more

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  • May 27, 2015
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I worked for Rite Rug in AP dept. They don't want to hire good installers. They hire illegal immigrants because they work cheap. Most do not know how to install correctly. My husband who is legal to work in America and is a experience installer was not given a chance to work for Rite Rug. They don't care about good workers only who the managers like no matter how incompetent they are. Add comment

BEWARE OF RITE RUG they are the nicest people when selling you their carpet. But after that it's one lie after another. The night we bought the carpet we were told it could me installed 3 days after that night. Well the following day salesman called said that it would have to be reschuled for Wednesday the following week. Tuesday the wife called to verified installation date and was told we were... Read more

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The Rite Rug Dublin manager/salesman insisted that we would need Lauan to be laid over the existing floor in the bathroom and the new flooring over the Lauan. So we purchased it at $150.00 plus over 100.00 in a labor charge. When the installer arrived he informed us that we didn't need the Lauan and so installed the new flooring without the purchased Lauan. Upon attempting to get a refund for the... Read more

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