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Rite Rug
Main address: 3949 Business Park Drive 43204 Columbus OH
(614) 261-6060, , http://www.riterug.com/contactus.aspx
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  • Rite Rug
  • Apr 29
  • by anonymous
  • #484928

Dealt w/ Tom who was not only an hr late to measure our kitchen but never called us back w/ cost. Said he would get back within one day. After three we called them and he still didnt have estimate. He said would call us back "in a few hours" and still have not heard back. Amateur salesman...amateur company. Get a lesson from McSwannes. They answer their phone Add comment

  • Apr 02
  • Furniture and Decor
  • Dayton, Ohio
  • Poor Craftsmenship
  • 28

First off they sold us carpet that they did not have the sales person told us they would get it from another store we had to pay right there on the spot and it took a week for them to verification the measurements.they scarred up our woodwork and done a horrible seem two different kinds of carpet in the doorway new to existing. I hate it id rather have the old stuff back I cant even close my... Read more

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  • Apr 02
  • Installers
  • New York City, New York
  • Unprofessional Service
  • 109

The salesman came to my home, took measurements and drew a complete diagram. Provided me with several prices for different hardwood floor option. The day of installation, showing the workmen the area to be done and they just looked at me and said "we don't do stairs -no one at Rite Rug ever does stairs". I said, well they were quoted, ordered and paid in full...somebody better do stairs! The... Read more

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  • Feb 28
  • Home Construction and Repair
  • Worthington, Ohio
  • Laminate Flooring
  • 63

Bought laminate flooring and had it installed. Came home to find they put it in the wrong direction. My house was trashed when they left. I actually found candy wrappers on the counter from some truffles a friend had sent me. They did not bring transition strips so we are now at 4 1/2 weeks since install & the job is not finished. They also over measured and I bought 3 boxes that are still... Read more

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  • Jan 13
  • Furniture and Decor
  • Urbana, Ohio
  • Carpet Quality
  • 64

Less than 2 years ago, we purchased carpeting from Rite Rug. The installers were nice, and the installation was fine. The carpet is terrible! It was not scotch guarded as we were told. Also, we were warned a "few" fibers may come up during vacuuming the first few times. They continue to come up! Mystery rust type stains have appeared, and cannot be removed. This is an area covered by a side... Read more

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  • Dec 06, 2013
  • Furniture and Decor
  • Installers
  • 92

Took three separate times for installers to finish a kitchen floor that isn't big. They gave us a window of time the installers were to be at the house, 12pm-2pm, and it was 4pm by the time they actually showed up. My wife had to take time off work and wait around the entire day for them to start the job that by the end they still didn't finish. Salesman on the job was very apathetic about the... Read more

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100% FULL

  • Dec 05, 2013
  • Furniture and Decor
  • Unprofessional Conduct
  • 8
  • 170
Rite Rug - shoddy workmanship, racist employee, poor managment.
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Had rite rug of Dayton install new flooring. Employee burned grass with flooring, threw cig. butts all over driveway, spent 8 hrs. complaining about Mexican being Illegal and other Black being lazy. stated they all should be shipped out. Botched the complete job, Told Management they said tough, "complain to someone who cares," if you don't like it takes us to court .. customer service refuses to... Read more

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  • Nov 26, 2013
  • Construction
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Damaged Hardwood Floors
  • 1
  • 84

Rite Rug is a terrible company. They delivered damaged hardwood floors and then it took them forever to get in the new hardwood floors. This halted all of the progress in the construction of our house. Then they did not have the exact tiles we ordered for the master bathroom yet instead of dealing with the issue they pointed the blame at us for ordering a "special" tile. Are they seriously saying... Read more

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  • Nov 22, 2013
  • Furniture and Decor
  • Unprofessional Service
  • 63

First of all, they never came when they were supposed to, and it always took multiple calls to get them out at all. Our laminate flooring was installed over four days rather than the 'one day job' that was sold to us. And it's still not done. They did not bring proper equipment to remove floor so didn't do anything the first day, then did not bring trim we ordered, then claimed we canceled the... Read more

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  • Oct 16, 2013
  • Furniture and Decor
  • Laminate Floor
  • 1
  • 129

I had my laminate floor installed through Riterug. When I walked in the sales guy said their company is 70 years old and very trustworthy. They did wrong measurement and also increased 10% sq ft on material and labor. All these was charged to me. The laminate floor was not installed right and both Riterug sales rep and Armstrong/ bruce sales rep inspected and figured out a way to lame on the... Read more

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