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Our builder used Rite Rug Lexington Kentucky for our flooring in our new home. We have lived there less than two years and we have cracked tiles and grout. The tile was not installed correctly the first time, there were many uneven spots low tiles, high tiles, and we complained they said they fixed the problem. Not so much. They do not know what they are doing when it comes to tile. DO NOT USE them if you want a quality job. We wanted a floor... Read more

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I used to work for Rite Rug in the AP dept. They do not care who they hire to install material. In fact the cheaper the labor they will have to pay out the better. I in fact heard them say they love Mexicans, they work cheaper. Most of the installers were illegal immigrants. They do not run any background checks. A lot of the installers didn't even speak English. They would not hire my husband, who does quality work and is American born because... Read more

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Our experience with "Wrong Rug" was bad right from the start. As a new home builder's client, we were sent to Rite Rug's "David Design Center." Their advisor was not quite rude but not friendly or helpful at all. It seemed like a chore for her help. We have been in this new home for 16 months. The carpeting on the second level is all rumpled; same on the stair treads. We asked to have a Rite Rug rep to observe this horrible installation and... Read more

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My family and I are building a home in medina county in Ohio. We had 2 brothers install the tile in our new home. They did a horrible; sloppy job. They also drank and smoked what smelled like *** on the job. No one came and checked on them. They started late in the day and quit early. They were texting and taking on their phones all day. Their language was horrible and I had my small kids there doing some things with the new home construction... Read more

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I have had three new homes built over the years. And have had terrible experience with Rite Rug. First house after they installed the carpet, I noticed a lump in one area. They said it would eventually mash down. I had the carpet pullet up and found the installer had dropped a pouch of Red Man chewing tobacco. Second home, I had them installed carpet and they damaged over $3000 of custom molding. I sued them and got only $1000. Third home,... Read more

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I live in Hudson and had products installed through Rite Rug in my home recently. The installers drank alcohol on the job and reeked of marijuana. Then I found out their names and looked them up online and found out they were brothers by the names of Sean and Scott smith. One of them had a felony warrant out currently for his arrest and the other brother was just released from prison on a murder charge. How can these installers not be... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • May 12
  • #846398

Dishonest, sneaky, dirtballs.... Keep a paper trail of all communications with them so you can catch them in lie after lie

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After only 5-6months of light wear, the carpet became so severely matted there was no bringing it back to its original look. Sales guy returned with his install manager and the install manager said it was "bad". After consulting with their boss this is what they had to say. The elderly gentleman needed to alter his travel paths.(Problem spot is in a hallway-good luck with that! Also area around the bed. Guess the 92 year old guy needs to move... Read more

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bathroom floor was installed in an mi home, within the first months grout began cracking and flaking, called mi, someone came to "fix it"... the fix process appears to have involved sweeping loose grout, mix new grout, apply it over the unstable grout and call it good... grout is cracking and popping out again and min 18 tiles are loose, rite rug will come back and reset 11 tiles over the same plywood for a charge... rite rug will not to correct... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Mar 22
  • #814819

Wrong carpet and not what i wanted installed. Sloppy installation. Mean installer. Salesman wont return my call. Its been 4 days. Caroet installed in hallway and stairs inside my house

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