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Had rite rug of Dayton install new flooring.Employee burned grass with flooring, threw cig.

butts all over driveway, spent 8 hrs. complaining about Mexican being Illegal and other Black being lazy. stated they all should be shipped out. Botched the complete job, Told Management they said tough, "complain to someone who cares," if you don't like it takes us to court ..

customer service refuses to do anything management does not answer email or return Calls. FITS inspector said its the worst job ever. Other installers could not believe the damage. Flooring manufacture sent instructions.

Employee failed to follow. Now Heading to court.

total to repair job is more than it originally cost.

Monetary Loss: $1500.


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Greer, South Carolina, United States #1353236

All RiteRugs are not that way, I laid flooring for years and work in Greenville for them and everything we do for builders, ie Ryan Homes, DR Horton, Custom Builders....After installed the builders have to check off on the flooring and if it isn't right they will make you re install the entire thing.

Sounds like a shoddy builder/project manager. As for the racial slurs, that's all over in every work there is.. Best thing to do is kindly ask them not to speak that way, if they continue tell them to leave your property and call management, regional manager, company manager and so on until you get someone with some sense.

Good Luck.I also question the $4,500, but who knows.

Cherryville, North Carolina, United States #1294588

RiteRug Flooring installed $16,000 worth of wavy and buckled hardwood floors in my new Ryan Homes homes and Rite Rug Flooring and Ryan Homes project managers refuse to respond to my valid issues and in this Ryan Homes development, there are several Indian and African American families with some of the same issues.

Beverly Hills, California, United States #897845

"spent 8 hrs.complaining about Mexican being Illegal and other Black being lazy"..

Really?!!? They burned up your grass, as you say, did a *** job, and you spend 8 hours with these people insulting their work ethic and legal status?!!? Yeah, you deserved that ***. Karma sent them to your home since deep down you have hatred for people outside of your pale skin.

Really, you hate yourself but pretend you don't. You got what you deserve, You didn't have a good attitude to begin with.

For you to spend 8 hours 'complaining' about legal status and color, shows volumes about how much hatred you have toward others.Eat ***

to LMAOatYou #913577

Are you f0king ***? He said the workers were the ones being racist, you dumb ***. I want to go to Beverly Hills just to slap you in the face for being so stvpid.

Tooele, Utah, United States #840361

Dumb ***!!!


I think youre lying, flooring wont burn grass that way. you must have created a bigger lie to get things to tip in your favor either way it goes, I think you are LYING, as far as the nigs and mexicans, YEAH they need to be shipped back

to Dirty Sanches Dayton, Ohio, United States #776419

ok dumb *** .we had sever other company reps comeout including several independent installers all are considered expert witness's having testified in court.

Rite rug clearly did not install flooring according to the manufactures instructions.

We were awarded $4500 in damages.

to Dirty Sanches #903027

Wtf u callin A nig *** I bet u won't say it to an African American u racist piece of ***


Good for you.Sue them.

You obviously have a case.

Just a question though, why did you let the installer stay for 8 hours while making all those derogatory remarks?You should have recorded a few minutes of it and tossed the guy out.


If you are going to court you have made a huge mistake by posting.Anything you say, regardless of how innocuous, can *** you in the @SS in court.

I also noticed that you placed "complain to someone who cares," in quotation marks.

Did they actually say that verbatim?Or have you paraphrased?

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